ABOUT Genealogists in Second Life

Some of the gang at a recent JUST GENEALOGY meeting.

 Once you are "in-world" (have signed in to) Second Life be sure to:

SEND A FRIEND REQUEST to Clarise Beaumont and Genie Weezles, coordinators of Genealogists in SL.

Clarise Beamont

VISIT THESE GENEALOGY PLACES where you'll find helpful displays for explore when we're not having meetings:
Genie Weezles
  • Family History Centre - where we meet Sunday evenings at 5:15pm Second Life time (the same as US Pacific, daylight when applicable.) The rooms here feature laptops with direct links to various components of FamilySearch.org. Skyler Goode is the landowner, Clarise Beaumont is the builder here.
  • French Genealogy 1400s-1700s - Owner & builder Savard Horchier has experience reading ancient manuscripts in RL (real life), and can guide your research. Meetings are by appointment only.
  • Genealogy Research Center on Info Island - owned by the Genealogy Scribes Group, founded by Kilandra Yeuxdoux. Look here for  family medical information, a special quarterly display, Jewish genealogy links, info on building a core collection. Periodic meetings announcements sent to the group. Builders Cindy Elkhart, Rocky Vallejo, Abbey Zenith, and others.
  • Just Genealogy - where we meet Monday & Tuesday evenings in addition to a few monthly meetings for Relatively Curious and the APG (Association of Professional Genealogists) SL Chapter. You'll also find the HeritageBooks.com bookstore and numerous PowerPoint display panels. Relax in Clarise's Tower, and listen to streaming light jazz music. Group founded by Krag Mariner. Owner Clarise Beaumont. Builders Genie Weezlers, GeneJ Composer and Clarise Beaumont.
  • Check the joint calendar, on the "Calendar" tab of this blog.

HAVE FUN as we learn more about the genealogical proof standard and how to tackle those brick walls!